Travel tips by super-saving expert who’s traveled 31 countries

Traveling can get very expensive, especially if you do it frequently. Myself, i travel three or four months in a year, so i have no other choice but to make it as affordable as possible. Or else, i’m going to be broke for life. I take saving money on travel to extremes, and wanted to share my methods with you. Other blogs usually write about obvious ways to save money while traveling, such as : couchsurfing or staying at hostels, certain hours of free access to museums, etc. But i have other tips people like me – extremely cheap – might find useful.


First one that i like the most – spending a night on a bus between destinations. This only works if you are young and don’t have back problems, but some people up to 40 should be able to spend a night sleeping in sitting position for a night. It is useful while traveling between long distance cities – you don’t want to spend your day-time sitting in a bus, and you don’t have to pay for a night in hostel. Although in the mornings, you’ll have to wait for few hours before checking in hostel, but that’s usually acceptable since they can keep your bags before you check in. Also, always check the temperature of the place you’re traveling to, or you might make same mistake as i did – i went to ice lake and didn’t pack proper ice fishing bibs, so i got cold there.

 Second tip that i like the most is eating in before going out. I always satisfy my hunger with groceries i buy from local shops before heading out to drink and probably eat. I learned this lesson hard way, because one time i was so hungry that i ate 50 euros worth of food. It barely satisfied my hunger, but eating out a lot really adds up. Plus, i find it much more calming to take it easy and enjoy your food in quiet environment like your home. Now, when i go out, i’m usually with a half-full stomach, so i can enjoy nice foods at restaurants without worrying about filling it completely.

Third advice i’d like to give is kind of obvious, but for some reasons not all blogs mention it. If you go out to night clubs frequently, like i do, always get drunk before getting in. Entrance fee is usually very small, and night clubs get you by selling you overpriced drinks. Grocery stores, on the other hand, sell alcohol for tiny margins, and there is much wider pool of products to pick from. I want to add one more thing, though – if you’re concerned about money, avoid duty free shops. As George Costanza in Seinfeld has put it, duty free is biggest rip off in the world. But it feels so good to shop while waiting for your plane, so what can you do.