How and why did Trump get elected President? My 2 cents

Whatever republicans might say, it’s a fact that Trump fairly won Republican primaries, therefore more republicans liked this guy than other seasoned politicians like Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz. He was the same twitter-addicted guy he is now, and i’m not only saying that just to bash on Trump supporters. I’m genuinely curious about what factors made him attractive to the public, and i did some research. I’ll admit, not that much, but still a research.

 His biggest advantage is that he’s easy to understand and not complicated. If you are familiar with evolution or psychology or both, you’ll know that human mind is tuned to simplify every bit of information it receives, so when it hears a sentence that is very easy to understand, we start to unconsciously form a bond with the person saying the sentence. This would be even bigger factor for uneducated men and women, majority of whom famously voted for Trump. And the fact that he’s successful businessman and celebrity billionaire made his simplicity even more attractive. He had a proven track record that his simplicity wasn’t due to lack of intellect, but just his nature and honesty. I believe it made him so much more attractive in average voter’s eyes.

 Second advantage would be branding. Say what you will, but Trump chose a great slogan and crowds just loved it. I’m not only talking about the make america great again slogan, but also drain the swamp and much much more. He’s certainly expert at picking slogans that stick very well. He also used one marketing ploy – urgency – very well. Playing on people’s pride, or the lack of it, saying that America was in the worst shape it has ever been. Even though that might not have been absolute lie.

 The last one, would be his ability to choose right allies. By right, i don’t mean right in general sense, as in right for the country, but instead i mean right for gaining as much votes as possible. His poll numbers have shown clearly that he gathered majority of republicans all the way from alt-right to centrist oriented people. I’m talking about guys who aren’t racists or xenophobes, just regular Americans looking for change. People who enjoy their lives spending time with families and outdoors without hating anyone. They go ice fishing and wear waterproof ice fishing boots. They go ice fishing, and  For example, he used Steve Bannon to gain the trust of alt-right groups, including the protesters in Charlottesville, and on the other hand, Mike Pence represents and attracts mainstream, right-centrist-leaning republicans.

 It doesn’t matter how many times some liberals say that Trump is stupid, it won’t make him that way. He might not be the best hand-shaker or strategist, but he certainly understands human psychology at some level, and knows how to manipulate it to get what he wants.

My review of Adam Grant’s new book – Originals

First time i got to listen to Adam Grant was on YouTube channel TED, where he was talking about originals and how are they different from rest of the world. I loved the 15 minute speech, and wanted more, so when i found out he had whole book written around this topic, i jumped on opportunity without thinking twice. And i still don’t regret it, because i think it’s the best book written on this topic, ever. I’ve read many self-help books, many of them were complete garbage, but i didn’t realize that at the time. Writers clearly had no idea what they were talking about, and based their books on famous cliches about Entrepreneurs. On the other hand, everything in Adam’s book is focused on truth, data and research. It was not only fascinating, but also entertaining to read, because for a book that is supposed to be highly intelligent individuals, it touches everyday issues and explains reasons behind some of them. But if you’re not interested in psychology, and have interesting hobby like me, check out the electric ice auger review by my favorite writer.

One of my favorite parts in the book is when he talks about how procrastination can help a person become more creative. The concept is more complex than it sounds like, and you should read the book to fully understand it, but long story short, when you have a task or problem that you have to solve, and keep it in back of your mind while procrastinating, you come up with most novel ideas, at least that’s what research shows. He also mentions MLK, who completely improvised the “i have a dream” speech right before the night he had to go on stage to speak. It really affected my stance on procrastination. I guess i was pleasant to hear that something good comes from it, since i procrastinate so much and often blame myself for it.

 In the rest of the book, he talks about other original people, their lives, and most importantly, how to inspire originality in other people and especially our kids. He makes really valid point with giving children compliments based on their personality, not their actions. He also describes two different companies, one of which curbed the originality and didn’t approve negative feedback from their employees, and the other who encouraged feedback and original thoughts, and how it worked out for each one of them.

 Honestly, whether you are just interested in this type of people or you want to be one yourself, you should read this book. It’s unlike any other self-help books out there and you’ll not regret it.